Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Statement for MMU application

The images I have selected to submit are a mixture of effort produced over the past few years. Although I have tried to include a range of photographs regarding style, I think my main photographic influences and interests are profuse within my preferred pieces of work. Influence and inspiration coming largely from photographers such as Larry Clark and Nan Goldin, who have both provided shocking insights into the world, highlighting the failed American dream happening for hundreds of people all over the US. Other influences have arisen from Vice magazine and photographers such as Ryan McGinlay and Dash Snow. Known for its controversial content, Vice magazine bases its subjects around sex, drugs, violence and other social issues involving race and social economic class. I love how these artists convey a truthful and sometimes shocking approach to life by highlighting issues deemed somewhat uncomfortable.

Manchester is obviously home to a large and explosive youth culture with a rich and artistic flare, which was my initial reason for looking at my chosen course. However the encouragement of individual style and the diverse approach to the subject, immediately made Manchester Metropolitan my first choice university. Aspiring to a career in the creative field, I feel this course can enhance and expand my technical and creative skills in a way that suits me.

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